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Annie Scrivanich, The Alaska Discount Cruise GuideYou have selected the optimal way to visit the Great State of Alaska, from the decks of a cruise ship! Alaska is over 365 million acres of wilderness with the majority of its beauty found along the pristine Inside Passage, waterways and fjord –like regions scattered through-out the State.

Selecting the right ship, itinerary or tour program is paramount to the realization of a trip of a lifetime. To do so, I recommend you work with an independent Alaska cruise and tour expert. I have spent over 30 years in the Alaska travel industry, designing, selling and operating cruises and tours to the Great Land.

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The Cruise Lines and number of ships visiting the Great State of Alaska, has grown dramatically over the past 20 years. As a result, most cruises are more affordable today than ever before.

In addition to price, our criteria for selling a ship includes: consistent service, quality of cuisine, immaculate facilities, financial stability and an assortment of entertainment programs along with an excellent itinerary.

We are in constant communication with our industry peers and inspect the ships to ensure a quality product which results in a superior vacation for you.

As elementary as it sounds, we sell what we like and skew towards the smallest of the big ships. I believe the excellent itinerary line is worth repeating.

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As I'm sure you have experienced, the selection of Alaska cruise/tour packages offered by the cruise lines and independent tour operators is overwhelming. To eliminate confusion we have rigorously reviewed each tour itinerary and deliberately selected one program per grouping across all major cruise lines.

The groupings include four distinct tours each highlighting a diverse aspect such as The Gold Rush History & Wilderness, Mt. McKinley & Denali National Park, Alaska's Heartland – Anchorage, Denali Park, Fairbanks and off the beaten track visiting Kenai and Denali Park.

These particular tours are efficient, well-planned and comprehensive programs.

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